Friday, 11 April 2014

Hip Hip Hooray

The sun is shining (I daren't look at the forecast in case I get depressed) and school is OUT for Easter. Some people have already had a week and instergram has been full of their beautiful holiday snaps. I have loved seeing them but I have been pretty jealous.
Things have been quiet in my neck of the woods but there has been lots of life, mainly work. It is good but eats time.
So lots of plans for Easter; bread making with #52loavesproject over on instagram - I'm going for sourdough and hot-cross buns, a bluebell walk, a flea fair rummage, an Easter mantle to arrange, picking more wild garlic to turn into pesto, a hunt to plan and plenty of chocolate.Tomorrow we are off to London for a couple of days with friends. Not sure where we are going yet but I an hoping to pop into my favourite shop in the world. Even better if I am on my own or with my friend-with-perfect-taste Spencer. But before any of that happens there is a large G&T calling out my name. Happy Friday!

Friday, 28 March 2014


Malvern is a funny town really - there is so much that I love about it - the people, the friends I have, good coffee is available  it has a theatre and good charity and junk shops. My children love it here and have had safe childhoods in this town. Recently however I have been a little out of love with it, a bit bored after 14 years here. At heart I am a city girl but I married a country boy and Malvern is our compromise. Then a couple of weeks ago the sun came out.
Unusually I was on my own and camera in hand I started to look at my town with different eyes. It is full of pretty buildings, built by grand Victorians who came to take the waters here. There is the modern too - a magnificent sculpture of buzzards - fantastic birds of prey that grace our hills. The Banksyesque Elgar is a new addition and after some discussion in the fuddy-duddy brigade he is going to be allowed to stay. Good.
And then there are those hills. When ever we return to Malvern those hills beckon and I know that I am home.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

March Mantle and other natural bits...

Well it is nearly the end of March and I haven't shown you my mantle piece this month. Blossom was my obsession this month and as there is none in my garden yet I have been raiding the hedgerows. This branch was picked from a tree in a car park in Worcester. It was dark so no one saw...
The candle is beautiful. I bought it on that trip to Winchester and it smells fantastic; a really clean smell. Rosemary is good for clarity so am feeling super bright this month. 
The feathers and fir cones have been moved to another favourite corner and as for the daffs, it's March - there have to be daffs. 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Spring Little by Little

This weekend saw the start of some sorting and spring cleaning. Windows were opened; it was so good to feel the fresh air circling round the house. Not for too long though, there is still a significant chill in the air. Suddenly though I am looking for colour and the sense of zest. Yellow is in my head. Over the next few weeks I am looking forward to bringing a new clean into the house to prepare us (fingers crossed) for the coming warmth. It will be so welcome. 

Wednesday, 19 March 2014


This image is at least two years old, Spring 2012 from Toast. I loved it at the time and I love it now. It is exactly how I would like to be. We have had two days this week when we have been able to dress down for work. I sought this picture out for inspiration. 
I love dressing for spring days; the sunny, bright days with a slight chill in the air. Dressing that requires layers and new fabrics, linens and cottons along with wool and denim. New colours too, navy rather than black and yellow, stripes and grey. Oh how I love these beautiful days. 

Monday, 17 March 2014

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Sherkin Island, West Cork.

La fheile Padraig sona dhuit!
With an Irish husband and proudly half Irish children St. Patrick's Day is big in our house. Saturday was devoted to all things Irish; there was rugby on the T.V. (oh how you kept us guessing until the last minute Ireland and how wonderful to see the smile on Brian O'Driscoll's face), Guinness in the fridge and smoked salmon on soda bread. We had a gathering on Saturday evening and much drinking and talking was done. Yesterday was a slow day.
This year we are holidaying in Ireland - Mark wants to be home for his 50th birthday. I can't wait to get in our car and head west; it sings a siren's song to us.

Friday, 14 March 2014

Winchester Dreaming

Last weekend I headed down the motorway to meet up with some wonderful women. It has been a long time since my last visit to Winchester, about 25 years in fact. It was as beautiful as I remember.

It was bathed in sunshine and the perfect place to meet up with blog buddies LottieKat , Heather, and Rebecca. What I adore about blogging is the fact that I have met some fabulous women. All so intelligent, talented and fun. We wandered, chatted and absolutely fell in love with the shop Hambledon. It is my perfect shop made real. Everything in it is perfectly chosen and very desirable. Good job I don't live too close! A big thank you to Kat for arranging a lovely day, can't wait for the re meet! 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Year in Books - March

Just a quick pop in to show you my March book. I love David Mitchell and have read all his novels so far. To be honest I'm not sure why I didn't read this one sooner, just one of those things. Luckily we already had a copy - Erin had this one on her shelf. One of the advantages of a daughter studying English is that she has a bookcase stuffed with wonderful books! So far I am only a few chapters in and am loving it. Looking at the length of it though, I better get cracking!

Friday, 7 March 2014

A Night Out

Tonight as soon as the school bell rings I am going to be doing my eyeliner, pulling on some jeans and heading off to Oxford to go and see the awesome Anais Mitchell. It has been months since I have seen any live music and I am so excited. A folk singer from Vermont, I am totally in love with her voice. If you don't know her check her out - the song above is on her latest album 'Child Ballads'. Fingers crossed I will be hearing this one live x

Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Hills Again

One of the joys of living in Malvern are the hills. For a while we seemed to stop going up them but after a few great walks over Christmas we made a vow to walk several this year. I had planned to record at least one a month here but here I am in March with a backlog of photos. The hill at the top is British Camp - one of our favourite walks. The fact that it was once an iron age fort is plain to see from the earth works. My boys all loved it when they were young, imagining being a soldier standing up there, protecting the land from passing invaders.We still love it for the amazing views you get from the top (once you have your breath back!).
The second photo is Blackhill Looking out towards Ledbury and beautiful Herefordshire - you can just see British camp in the distance. None of the walks are terribly hard, I've taken a push chair over most of them, but the beauty is breathtaking. Once at the top it is good to have a slurp from the flask and a piece of cake and just sit and admire.
Now we need to decide which of the hills we are going to do next. Who wants to join me?