Monday, 24 February 2014

Me, Now

Last night I read two posts from two of my very favourite blog friends Lou and Laura.  Both had picked a similar theme to ponder; the time they carve out for themselves once the routine of school starts and their eloquence made me think. Of course for me term time is where my me time shrinks to almost none at all as work and home seems to stretch to fill every available minute. This is not always a good thing, however much I love my job. That is why 'balance' is such a good word for me this year. My constant quest is to gain that magical quality. I suspect it is a struggle that many of us have whatever we do, inside or outside the home. 

One of the joys of this term is to notice that I have started, at 7.30ish, to drive to work in the light and there is a glimmer of light still in the evening. Things always look better in the spring. 


  1. Hello beautiful! Thank you for liking my post. It's a hard one isn't it? My word is nourish and whilst working and being mum pulls me in opposite directions, I need to Nourish my soul. So today I'm going to the garden centre to buy new gloves and tackle my back garden. There's some balance for you - doing none of the other stuff! ;) xx

  2. Funny, I just posted a similar photo of myself! I like yours a lot. I have no word for this year but you have prompted me to think about one that will follow me through the year.

  3. Nice to see you. I too sometimes struggle to find fulfillment. I'm lucky I have a job I enjoy, but especially during the winter months when the days are short, I sometimes feel I'm only living at the weekend.

  4. Just found your blog via Charlotte's Plot via Jane Brocket! Still find the internet amazing for the connectivity it brings. I eally like the tone of your blog and am so glad to have found it. I recently started my own blog and so now read other 'homestyle' blogs with even more interest than before as always looking for inspiration and to learn from those doing it better than me! (esp photography...) thanks for lovely blog and best wishes.


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