Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Hills Again

One of the joys of living in Malvern are the hills. For a while we seemed to stop going up them but after a few great walks over Christmas we made a vow to walk several this year. I had planned to record at least one a month here but here I am in March with a backlog of photos. The hill at the top is British Camp - one of our favourite walks. The fact that it was once an iron age fort is plain to see from the earth works. My boys all loved it when they were young, imagining being a soldier standing up there, protecting the land from passing invaders.We still love it for the amazing views you get from the top (once you have your breath back!).
The second photo is Blackhill Looking out towards Ledbury and beautiful Herefordshire - you can just see British camp in the distance. None of the walks are terribly hard, I've taken a push chair over most of them, but the beauty is breathtaking. Once at the top it is good to have a slurp from the flask and a piece of cake and just sit and admire.
Now we need to decide which of the hills we are going to do next. Who wants to join me?


  1. We've lived here for five years and still haven't gone up to the Worcester beacon - shame on us. We're a bit freer now so hope to get up on the hills more often this year - I think British Camp is my favourite.

  2. How wonderful, when I see photographs like that I yearn for the country, here I have to make do with water meadows and Richmond Park.

  3. So beautiful!! I have never been to this area - another place to add to my list of someday! xx

  4. Your photos take me back to several enjoyable walks with friends when we lived in London. Happy days! Strangely, although we now live much closer, in Bristol, we have not returned. Maybe one day ...

  5. Hill forts really interest me, there is one not too far away from where I live in Cheshire. Love how the landscape holds clues to our past.

  6. A holiday for my eyes - lovely. Off to google where on earth Malvern is - it looks too sunny to be here up North! x


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